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Yamaroshi was a mixed-use development located in the ACT that redefined inner-city living upon its completion. The project featured three carpark basements, two retail floors, and five residential floors. Its unique front facade with distinct balcony profiles was a hallmark of the building.

Indesco was responsible for a range of services to ensure the success of the project. This included structural engineering, post-tension design, shoring design, value engineering, temporary works design, precast panel shop drawings, façade engineering, and civil engineering.

Designing the structure for the large internal open space envisaged by the architects posed a significant challenge for the structural design team. The design and analysis of the front balconies' unique architectural form required the use of 3D finite element modelling.

Given the site's location, which was 'locked in' from three of the four boundaries, detailed coordination of structural design concepts with other consultants was essential to completing the design successfully. To aid in coordination, the team completed 3D prints of the balconies.

Overall, the unique design of Yamaroshi has contributed to the urban fabric of the Australian Capital Territory.

Canberra, ACT
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