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Our Vision.

To grow our capacity as an innovative company, offering a broad scope of services and attracting the best specialist consultants. Indesco will continue to strive for design excellence and build our solid reputation by exceeding customer expectations and consistently delivering high quality outcomes.


Our core values underpin our approach to our consulting process and project management procedures. We measure our success by fulfilling client expectations and the consistent implementation of quality engineering outcomes. Our clients trust Indesco to deliver quality results consistently and value our partnering relationship as an organisation they can rely on. Our reliability is a key asset for our clients in their capacity to manage their own corporate and project risk.



We operate with transparency at every level. We see our business as an extension of our client's organisation and we understand that our clients value honesty and open communication at each stage of a project.


We regard client satisfaction as the ultimate score on how we rate our performance, as a client focused organisation with an innovative culture our management team is performance driven.


Over many years of consulting we have built a highly proficient team focused on developing excellent results. Many of our team are regarded as leading consultants in their field of expertise and our culture of innovation fosters excellence across all disciplines.


Operating from a core value of integrity has been the foundation of Indesco. Our reputation has been built through our sound business ethics, quality principles and a solid leadership approach.


We understand that communication is vital for keeping projects on track and delivering promised outcomes. Our management approach incorporates strong internal and external communication with clients, stakeholders, partners and contractors.


Our best results come from working closely with our clients across the various discipline and consulting phases. Our team has a reputation for adding value within our client design and construction teams and this has resulted in mutual respect from all project stakeholders.

About Us - community

Community Commitment

Indesco is committed to investing in and giving back to our community. The directors of Indesco acknowledge that we are part of the local community and are all committed to maintaining a strong local community focus.  Indesco involves itself in the community through charitable organisations and other works of benefit to the local community. Indesco has provided pro bono consulting services for a number of community developments in the region, including:

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