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Taylor 2 Estate - Stage 4B Road Bridge

Welcome to the Taylor 2 Estate - Stage 4B Road Bridge, an exciting new project located in the Australian Capital Territory. Indesco was proud to be engaged by the Suburban Land Agency to undertake detailed design and documentation for this exceptional road bridge. Our scope of work included construction support services (RFI) to ensure the project's success.

The road bridge for Taylor Estate, Stage 4 consisted of a dual span of 15m, making it an impressive feat of engineering. To meet the requirements of AS 5100, a custom profile multi-strand post-tensioned design solution was developed due to its radial curve. This design solution allowed us to ensure exceptional structural stability while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the bridge.

One of the key considerations in our design process was coordination with the landscape architectural team. We wanted to ensure that the design of the bridge matched the theme of the subdivision and complemented the surrounding environment. The final profile/balustrade design and column selection were carefully chosen to achieve this goal.

At Indesco, we are committed to providing exceptional engineering solutions that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. Contact us today to learn more about our work and to discuss your next project.

Taylor, ACT
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