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QPRC Civic & Cultural Precinct

Indesco was commissioned to undertake the detailed design of a six-storey office building, which will serve as the new headquarters for the Council.

Indesco's early involvement allowed us to develop a concept that maximizes office space while maintaining vertical structure alignment through a long-span post-tensioned office slab and band system. We carried out detailed lateral analysis for cores and refined wind analysis to achieve the feasibility of architecturally complex steel structures.


  • Structural feasibility studies

  • Value engineering

  • Lateral analysis

  • Stability design

  • Post-tension slab design

  • Pre-cast design

  • Structural steel design

  • Foundation design

  • Retention design

  • Carparking

  • Vehicle access & site grading

  • Stormwater & Waste management

  • Services relocation

  • Temporary traffic management

  • Staging planning

Queanbeyan, NSW
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