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QPRC Civic & Cultural Precinct

Queanbeyan, NSW

The QPRC Queanbeyan Civic and Cultural Precinct Development is a landmark project set to transform the heart of Queanbeyan CBD. Indesco was commissioned to undertake the detailed design of a six-storey office building, which will serve as the new headquarters for the Council. The development also includes the refurbishment of the existing Bicentennial Hall and the Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre, necessitating new structural supports and the staged removal of existing facades.

Indesco's design integrates a large basement car park and podium, with an abundance of landscaping, architectural storage buildings, and shade structures. Our team has also considered the ongoing operation of adjacent Council and private buildings in the staging of works. We are assisting in the development and documentation of the staging process to ensure minimal disruption to operations.

Indesco's early involvement allowed us to develop a concept that maximizes office space while maintaining vertical structure alignment through a long-span post-tensioned office slab and band system. We carried out detailed lateral analysis for cores and refined wind analysis to achieve the feasibility of architecturally complex steel structures.

Our scope of work included structural feasibility studies, value engineering, lateral analysis, stability design, post-tension slab design, pre-cast design, structural steel design, foundation design, retention design, carparking, vehicle access, and site grading, stormwater, and waste management, services relocation, temporary traffic management, and staging planning.

The QPRC Queanbeyan Civic and Cultural Precinct Development represents a significant achievement for Indesco, and we are proud to have played a vital role in delivering this exciting project.

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