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This project, which is located in the ACT, comprised of thousands of square meters of precast panels. The scope of works revolved around creating precise and accurate shop drawings for these precast panels, making the construction process seamless and efficient.

During the construction of this project, two different precast plants were utilized, with each responsible for supplying a portion of the precast panels. This strategic decision allowed the builder to achieve remarkable speed in the construction process, without compromising the quality or integrity of the final product.

By utilising two different precast plants, the builder significantly reduced the risk of on-site issues and ensured that the precast panels met the highest standards of quality and accuracy. This approach instilled confidence in the project, ensuring that it was completed on time and within budget.

Throughout the project, the expert team at Indesco worked tirelessly to create detailed shop drawings that guided the fabrication and installation of the precast panels. This resulted in a seamless and efficient construction process, with each precast panel fitting perfectly into place.

Turner, ACT
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