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Moncrieff-Amaroo Pedestrian Bridge and Paths

Moncrieff, ACT

Welcome to the Moncrieff Access Tracks and Bridge project, located in the Australian Capital Territory. This project was commissioned by the Suburban Land Agency (SLA) as the final stage of the Moncrieff Residential Estate.

Our team provided structural and civil engineering services for this project, which included the construction of a series of interconnected off-road paths and trails for pedestrians, cyclists, and emergency services. Our scope of work also included the design and construction of a bridge over Ginninderra Creek, connecting Moncrieff with the Amaroo schools and playing fields.

The access tracks were located in a steep open woodland area to the south of Moncrieff, with existing grades exceeding 30%. Our landscape works included planting trees, constructing gabion basket retaining walls, and stabilising steep embankments with grassing. This enhanced the natural beauty of the area, which boasts exceptional and high-quality mature trees, woodland, and grasslands, visible from surrounding suburbs due to the steep incline and high elevation.

The bridge structure is a cost-effective, simple steel beam design, spanning 55m, consisting of five spans and two architectural, free-standing feature columns, rising nine meters into the air. Our team used four 14-meter modular steel segments in construction, which allowed for simple fabrication and transportation, without requiring additional temporary supports.

Working closely with the landscape architect and the client, our Indesco design and construction teams successfully delivered this landmark project for the Moncrieff community.

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