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Galerie Apartments

Port Macquarie, NSW

Welcome to the Galerie Apartments, a stunning residential development project located in the picturesque Port Macquarie, NSW. This project comprises of 29 luxury apartments and 6 grand townhouses, thoughtfully designed to provide residents with a comfortable and contemporary living experience.

The development features a single 7-level tower to the north and two-level townhouses to the south, all connected by a large common podium. The two basement car park levels beneath the podium provide ample parking space for residents.

The structural design of the project is a combination of reinforced AFS Rediwall, Precast, and insitu concrete walls, which provide excellent lateral resistance against both earthquake and wind loading. The use of post-tensioned slabs for the floor systems enables large spans to the units and accommodates the large, cantilevered balconies, adding to the overall visual appeal of the project.

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