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Welcome to Evolure, a stunning 6 storey apartment building located in the heart of the Australian Capital Territory. Our scope of works includes Structural Engineering, Post Tension, Shoring Design, Value Engineering, Temporary Works Design, and Precast Panel Shop Drawings.

Our structural features are designed to provide exceptional safety and stability for Evolure’s residents. Precast core walls have been employed to resist lateral loads such as earthquakes and wind, ensuring that our residents can feel secure in their homes. Additionally, post tension slabs have been utilised for the floor systems for all levels, using flat plate design to ensure that our residents have ample space and comfort in their living areas.

Evolure boasts two basements, providing ample parking and storage for our residents. Our focus on structural engineering means that residents can enjoy stunning living spaces while feeling confident in the safety and stability of our building.

Canberra, ACT
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