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Embark - Lyneham on Northbourne

Welcome to Lyneham on Northbourne (EMBARK), a redevelopment project located in the ACT. Indesco, in collaboration with Canberra Town Planning, Front Architects, and Redbox Design Group, prepared an Estate Development Plan and detailed design for this former public housing site.

The site includes heritage listed structures, registered, and regulated trees, traffic limitations, and hydraulic infrastructure constraints. The redevelopment project has also undergone detailed coordination with the National Capital Authority (NCA) to align with the Northbourne Avenue corridor vision.

Our design team has focused on creating active travel corridors, making the streets pedestrian-friendly and parallel to Northbourne Avenue. We have incorporated precast walls, Dincel core walls, and post-tensioned slabs to ensure speed and ease during construction. The roof is a combination of lightweight steel framing and post-tensioned concrete.

Canberra, ACT
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