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East Gungahlin High School Supporting Road Infrastructure

The ACT Government is developing new road infrastructure, active travel routes and landscaping along Well Station Drive and Albatross Crescent, providing access to the future school in Kenny and future Kenny residential estate.

Key features of the design include:

• An extension of Albatross Crescent into the future estate

• Re-designed intersection of Well Station Drive and Albatross Crescent, traffic signals, turning lanes into the Albatross Crescent extension and active travel junctions

• Enhanced active travel infrastructure, with new paths linking to bus stops, the Well Station Drive Park and Ride, Light Rail Station and Flemington Road

• Signalisation of the Kings Canyon Street and Well Station Drive intersection creating safe pedestrian crossings and improving traffic flow

• New left in left out emergency access driveway for the future school

• Potential new noise walls on the Harrison side of Well Station Drive or on-site treatment to mitigate the noise created by road users

Gungahlin, ACT
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