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Canberra, ACT

We are proud to have been part of this development that involved the construction of 273 residential apartments. Our scope of works covered various aspects of the project, including Structural Engineering, Post Tension Design, Shoring Design, Value Engineering, Precast Panel Shop Drawings, and Civil Engineering.

One of the main challenges of this project was to create a robust structure that could support the weight of the building while maintaining the highest levels of safety and durability. To achieve this, we designed a 150mm thick RC slab system that spanned between un-reinforced dincel walls, which served as the main slab system. We also incorporated post-tensioned transfer slabs and lower basement levels to ensure maximum load-bearing capacity.

In addition to the structural design, our team also focused on value engineering, ensuring that we optimized the use of resources and minimised wastage. This approach not only helped reduce costs but also enhanced the sustainability of the project.

To bring the project to life, we prepared Precast Panel Shop Drawings that provided detailed plans for the manufacturing of precast panels. This ensured the accurate and efficient production of the panels, reducing the time and cost of construction.

Finally, we also contributed to the Civil Engineering aspect of the project, ensuring that the design complied with all relevant regulations and standards.

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