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Boulevard Gardens - 35-45 Pentridge Boulevard, Coburg

Welcome to Boulevard Gardens, an exciting new multi-use development located at 35-45 Pentridge Boulevard, Coburg. Our project involved the creation of 49 three-storey townhouses and a stunning street scape, all built over a large single-level basement.

At Boulevard Gardens, we employed a range of engineering solutions to ensure the project's success, including structural engineering, post-tension design, and shoring design. Our team worked diligently to ensure that each aspect of the development was structurally sound and met the highest safety standards.

Our Stage 1a development is just the beginning of our vision for Boulevard Gardens. We aim to create a dynamic, sustainable living environment that prioritizes community engagement and promotes a sense of well-being. Our project is designed to provide residents with exceptional living spaces that are both luxurious and functional.

Coburg, VIC
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