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Better Intersections - Belconnen Way & Springvale Drive

The ACT Government is upgrading the busy intersection of Belconnen Way and Springvale Drive to be safer, more efficient and equipped to effectively channel vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian traffic.

The Better Intersections project will deliver upgrades to the road, pedestrian network and landscaping of the Belconnen Way/Springvale Drive intersection including:

• Traffic lights to improve the safety of road users and establish a smooth flow of vehicles, reduce travel times and lower the risk of accidents

• Realigned left turn lane from Belconnen Way to Springvale Drive with zebra crossing and new pedestrian island

• New full depth road pavement in key areas

• Revised traffic lanes and new linemarking

• Installation of new signalised pedestrian crossings, creating transverse links across Belconnen Way and Springvale Drive for those using the local path network

• Revitalised medians with new concrete and gravel

• Provision of cycle lanes on both sides of Belconnen Way at the intersection

• Upgraded footpaths and kerb ramps linking the intersection to the surrounding pedestrian network

• New landscaping enhancing the visual character of the intersection

Belconnen, ACT
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