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Special Forces Challenge “The Ultimate Fundraiser”

Indesco is excited to announce that Director Aaron Hazelton has volunteered to partake as a recruit in the Terry Campese Foundation (TCF) 2022 Special Forces Challenge.

Inspired by SAS Australia, a quasi-military training reality TV show, this challenge will raise money for the Terry Campese Foundation (TCF) – A foundation that aims to help those requiring crisis accommodation and provides greater opportunities for marginilised & disadvantaged youth in the community.

The Challenge: On 26 & 27 February 2022, recruits will undergo a series of physical and psychological activities over 30 hours, across 2 days and will be undertaken by 24 local businesspeople.

The challenge will be run by an elite team of ex-military personnel who will direct the recruits through the “grueling challenges… and to their breaking point.”

The Mission: Recruits must raise $50k. Help Aaron raise more than his competition!

Good luck Aaron!

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