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Acton Waterfront Phase 2 - CCF Earth Awards Finalists!

Indesco recently collaborated with Chincivil, G2W Pty Ltd, and City Renewal Authority to submit Acton Waterfront Phase 2 for the 2023 Master Builders and Asset Construction Hire Excellence Awards. Angus Gorman from Indesco joined Matt Houghton (ChinCivil), Andrew Crompton (G2W), and Ben Naughton (CRA) on the boardwalk to engage in technical discussions with the MBA awards judging panel. The afternoon was filled with exciting conversations about the project's challenges, successes, and innovations, highlighting the many opportunities this new precinct will bring to the Canberra community.

We were recently notified that our entry has made us a finalist for the 2023 Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Earth Awards, which will be held on Friday 2 June!

We extend our best wishes to all the entrants and hope for a successful outcome!

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