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Our Mission.

Indesco recognise the importance of responsible environmental management standards and practices.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by implementing sustainable policies for our business operations and by encouraging the adoption of ecologically sustainable development principles in the projects that we design and manage.


Indesco are committed to being environmentally responsible in the following ares:

  • Sustainable procurement

  • Reducing waste

  • Sustainable design solutions

  • Advocating for environmentally sustainable practices and methodologies to be implemented under the management of ur construction phase services team

Indesco are committed to the sustainable procurement of office spaces including only taking tenancy in the best possible energy rated buildings and selecting offices that can be readily accessed via public transport.

  • Indesco Canberra (Head Office) - 5.5 star NABERS Energy Base Building, 4 star green star design as built target rating & sustainable energy capture with solar panelling & smart fittings. Canberra's first office to have achieved a WELL Core and Shell Certification

  • Indesco Newcastle - 4.5 star NABERS rating targeted and smart and sustainable building technologies

  • Indesco Parramatta - 5.5 star NABERS energy commitment agreement

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As engineers, we have a professional and ethical obligation to develop engineering solutions that repair and regenerate both natural and social capital, while maintaining economic health.

Our principles are as follows:

  • Objectively applying engineering knowledge, skill, and expertise to achieve measurable outcomes that enhance both natural and social capital

  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of sustainability principles and practices relevant to their area of practice

  • Be proactive in addressing risk to the environment, society, and the economy

Indesco are committed to continuously improving our Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS is externally certified against ISO 14001:2015. Environmental goals are set, reviewed and endorsed by our Board on an annual basis and our environmental committee meets quarterly to review the implementation of the EMS.


Research Projects - Carbon Neutrality

Indesco are committed to design excellence and delivering projects exhibiting high levels of sustainability through aspects of environmental sensitivity waste reduction/minimisation and carbon neutrality, for both economic and environmental benefit.

Indesco are actively striving for carbon neutrality. Our presence in cutting-edge research and modern developments will strengthen our progression toward the objective of a carbon-free future.

Indesco has partnered with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in a multi-million-dollar project to test Precast Rammed Earth (lime stabilised) and its compliance to relevant design guides and building code.

Indesco are collaborating with partners from industry and academia looking into the Whole Life Design of Carbon Neutral Infrastructure and has committed funding and resources to seeing this project come to life. 

Although our aim is to produce carbon-neutral designs, our intention is to create a deeper understanding of carbon neutrality to ensure every building design precedes the last. With this step-by-step approach, more carbon neutral products and construction techniques can be integrated.

Mass Timber Projects

Indesco continues to remain at the forefront of structural engineering in Australia with their design capabilities for mass timber structures.

Indesco has assisted its clients with feasibility studies, detail design and procurement/construction advice for mass timber buildings.

Our technical knowledge and experience have enabled our clients to maximise the lettable area for various buildings while also providing the end user with the biophilic design benefits.

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