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The Cascades - 138 Hastings Road

Welcome to The Cascades - 138 Hastings Road, an exceptional residential complex located in Sydney, NSW. Our project involved a range of alterations and additions to the existing structure, including the retention of load-bearing masonry walls and timber-framed flooring. Our aim was to create a modern, luxurious living space while maintaining the existing structure's structural integrity.

To achieve this goal, we applied a range of engineering solutions, including insitu concrete columns and walls to provide lateral resistance to earthquake and wind loading. We also utilised post-tension slabs for the floor systems, enabling large spans to the units and catering for the large, cantilevered balconies.

One of the most significant challenges we faced was the retention of the existing masonry walls, which required underpinning for the construction of a new basement. Our team worked diligently to ensure that the new basement was structurally sound, while also preserving the existing structure's historical and aesthetic value.

Sydney, NSW
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